OK My Fabulous Fellow Makeup Artists

You guys know how much I love you all, but there are times this sistah has got to get tough with you guys. WHY ISN’T YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION ON YOUR SITE!?

What the hell is this practice of not having a way for a potential client, or production job to communicate with you with just a click? WHY???? are you risking money to float far, far away from you? Don’t you like money, don’t you want to work? I sure do, and that is why my contact information is everywhere, including on my Facebook account. That is why I am working because people who hire can reach me. When I am unavailable, guess what, I don’t get those gigs. Why because I am away from the phone, on set and there is no way for people to reach me.

The lack of communication is a frustrating phenomenon for me. I am often perplexed when artists reach out to me to for a critique or consulting, and I go to their site and see there is no way for me to contact them. If you think I can’t reach you–what do you think will happen when someone with a paid gig is looking for a qualified artist (YOU)?

You have to understand, decisions on who they will hire are based on who picks up the phone first. The decision makers do not have time to work around your schedule. This practice is something that a lot of artists don’t seem to understand. You have to make yourself available.

One of the things artists want to know from me when they ask for website help, is, why they aren’t working? Sometimes the answer is simple–you fail to give people access.

How are you to get the call for your dream job if you don’t give them your number?

Come people!! this is a business, A BUSINESS!!! Why are you letting the coins and the opportunities to slip through your fingers?

TODAY! Put your phone number and a link to your email address on your site.

Here is a YouTube video I did on this very subject and more.


Come on you fabulous artists–You. Link yourselves and get paid!

Ok, Im sorry I had to get rough with you–but it is purely out of love 🙂

QUESTION–Why is it you don’t put your contact info on your site? I would really love to know. Let me know below.