STICK WITH IT!!!!The Palette you never knew you needed UNTIL NOW(Video)

Ok people,  you know when I get something I share the news. Well here it is–the palette that just organized my kit, and in turn organized my world.


STICK WITH IT!!! Yes it’s called Stick With It, for one reason only.  You can stick anything to this palette-ANYTHING!  How? It has two sides of adhesive,  Clingfinity technology, so nothing has to be magnitized for it to stick.  For me,  this has allowed me to carry my favorite pencils that have lost their caps.  You know, it also saved me money.  How? Well when I lose caps I  go out and buy a new pencil to replace it–well I don’t have to do that any longer.

Anything can stick to this–ANYTHING!

You can thank me later 🙂

I have always had an issue with my pencils once I’d  lose my caps, (maybe a bit OCD). I always look at my presentation from the clients perspective. How tacky it was to carry around a bag filled with cap-less pencils. What message was I sending to my clients?  I just couldn’t bring myself to use my cap-less pencils on set.  I  tried everything in terms of storage and transportation, but I would  just leave them at home.

  • I would try storing them in cups–didn’t work the sizes were off and the shortest ones I kept losing in the cups.
  • I tried pencil cases, again the smaller the pencils, the harder it was for me to remove.
  • I even tried  Ziplock bags, but since they have no caps–the bags just looked like a mess.

BUT!!!!! NOW!!! THERE IS STICK WITH IT!!!  You can purchase at  CAMERA READY COSMETICS and there is a whole lot more information on this amazing product.   (The featured photo of Stick With It is from Camera Ready

Here is my Youtube Video to show you how I use Stick With It–and how much this organizing MUA is in heaven.

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BONUS VIDEO–COMING SOON!!!!  This video will show you how I set up Stick With for a hassle free usage.