Don’t be a lazy artist

I keep seeing makeup artists looking for photographers to shoot with–great. Even asking other makeup artists for their photographers list–wrong. Don’t be lazy — you’re going to have go out there and do your homework and do your research to find the photographer who will give you the break you so desperately need. And you know what–when you do all the work it will pay off for you. Photographers aren’ t going to be sitting on your doorstep. YOU have to do the work and go out and find them. So don’t be discouraged–just get a move on.


RULE 1 Have you searched the internet?
A simple search of beauty photographers, fashion photographers in your city or the surrounding cities (i.e. for New Yorkers– try New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut hell, lets not leave out MD/Bmore/DC/VA area too) may be all that is needed. You may have to travel to a photographer to get your first few photos but it will be worth it–be prepared and ready with your kit.

Don’t over look schools–that’s where I found some amazing photographers–but you have to know what to look for in a great photo.(please read the article at the end of this article) They always have shows and events showcasing their students–check their sites to see when that comes up. They also have internal message boards /bulletin boards where you can actually post either a small note –like MUA looking for fashion photographer, or you can leave behind your business/comp card.

Don’t rule out places were actual photographers go–like a photography store (in NY think Adorama), or how about a photography expo again NYC has a huge one at the Javits center. Go to where the photographers are–you’d be amazed at the connections you can make. Check your local papers or do an internet search for photography clubs/associations.

Well just like some mua ‘s, photographers will post their best work up front to get you to think they’re fabulous. You can be fooled especially when you’re new. This is where more investigation is needed. You must go through their whole site. Write down your favorite photos and why you like them. Decide if this photog does what it is you’re looking for. And if he/she does then and only then are you to contact them. If not, keep them on file and contact them later and keep it moving.

  • Keep a file on everything you find. Keep one on your computer as well as a paper file for tears you may find Keep notes on when was the last time you contacted that photographer, and what it is you said/wrote. Keep a file on what it is your favorites are doing–do this often
  • You will no doubt find countless photographers but be strategic about what it is you need for them and what it is you can honestly give to them. Set aside at least an hour a day to research and to find photographers and other team members that will enhance your book.

Lastly–when you do get through be prepared to ask them a few questions. Be prepared to answer questions. Keep the conversation short and please have a pen and paper handy just in case they give you a different email or phone number for contact.



At this stage you’ve shot a few published editorials, you have a book and you’re a little more advanced. Start looking in the magazines jot down all the photographers whose editorials you love. Keep a journal or simply tear the tear out of the magazine and keep it under file. Then contact them. Reference what it was that attracted you to their work in the first place. Then offer what it is you can do for them. Set a day to meet and don’t you dare reschedule.

 Ok, so now you’ve got a book with really great tears in them, but still want to reach a higher level of photographers. Here’s where you can now start researching agencies. Call each of them and see what the protocol is on how to approach the photographers for personal work. How you can go about submitting your book for them to review. YES you need a book full of great tears! Also these agency photographers will also have gallery showings of their work May not be the beauty/fashion but they will be there. Its a great time for you to introduce yourself–and make an impression.

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